luvHAITI Team Niner | May '13

Team Niner was a medical team that served the island of La Gonave in the spring on 2013.

Video by Kate Howell
Music by Kevin MacLeod


luvHAITI Team Golf | May '12

In May 2012, a medical team comprised of three physicians, a pharmacology student, a pharmacist, two kinesiology students, and one assistant travelled to Haiti to run a door-to-door clinic in the remote mountain village of Fontina, as well as some surrounding villages. Check out some photos from the trip in the video above!

Backing track is Corinna Rose's "Born On A Mountain".


luvHAITI Team Foxtrot | Nov. '11

luvHAITI Team Foxtrot was half work/half medical, and assisted in various areas including rebuilding and construction, surgery at the Wesleyan Hospital in Anse-à-Galets, and running a door-to-door clinic in the remote mountain village of Fontina.

Backing tracks are David Crowder Band's "Like A Lion", and Chris Tomlin's "Our God".


luvHAITI Team Delta | Nov. '10

luvHAITI Team Delta was the first of our medical teams to run a clinic in the remote mountain village of Fontina.

Backing track is Audio Adrenaline's "Hands and Feet."

Past Trips

luvHAITI Team Alpha
luvHAITI Team Alpha was our "recon" team. Pastor AJ Thomas, Bryan Wiens (luvHAITI Ministry Leader), Brian Addie (physician and key leader of the medical side of luvHAITI), and Tricia Parker, RN, traveled to Port-au-Prince and the Island of La Gonave in October 2011 to assess the need and begin to feel out potential local partnerships for our work in Haiti.

luvHAITI Team Bravo
A small medical team composed of just two physicians traveled to Haiti in February of 2010, one month after the devastating earthquake that left Haiti in a state of chaos and despair.

luvHAITI Team Charlie
Our first full work team, luvHAITI Team Charlie helped with rebuilding efforts in May 2010. It was on this trip that God first began to call Holly to serve in Haiti long-term.

luvHAITI Team Delta

A full medical team, luvHAITI Team Delta ran a clinic at the school in the remote mountain village of Fontina in November 2010.

luvHAITI Team Echo

Another medical team, luvHAITI Team Echo provided medical care at the school in Fontina once again.

luvHAITI Team Foxtrot

luvHAITI Team Foxtrot was one of the largest teams we've sent so far, and was a half work/half medical team. The work team assisted some of our missionary partners with various construction projects, and did some work on a house for a family living in La Saline, the salt flats where the poorest of the poor live in Anse-à-Galets. The medical team once again ran their clinic in Fontina, but this time they began running a mobile clinic, going door-to-door and seeing families one at a time. A surgeon also traveled with Team Foxtrot and performed many desperately needed surgeries that week.

luvHAITI Team Golf

Another medical team, luvHAITI Team Golf worked with a group of medical professionals from Kansas to run our door-to-door clinic in Fontina. They also mapped the community of Fontina for the first time, assigning house numbers to each family and matching each patient "chart" with their house number to assist in follow-up and continuity of care on future visits.