• Serving Teams

    Deep Water has two full-time and two part-time staff.  To say we rely heavily on our volunteers would be an understatement!  The weekend worship gatherings wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the countless hours our awesome volunteers put in.

    Loving our community through serving them is one of our three core values here, so we encourage everyone to be involved in some form of serving.  Serving teams at Deep Water operate on a six-month schedule, so when you sign up for a team you're not signing up for life; there's a specific end date in mind.  Below is a list of all the serving teams you can jump onto at Deep Water.  If you're interested in serving on one of the teams below or if you'd like some more information, you can email Pastor Bradford here.  We'd love to help!

  • Baptism Setup Team

    Baptisms at Park Lane require us to come in and set up the tank the night before.  This coming into the theatre around midnight or 1 am (whenever the last movie wraps up), assemblying the tank and filling it with water; and basically hanging out while the tank fills.  Usually this involved playing with at least one remote control submarine.  No special skills are required, just a willingness to lug gear and stay up late.

  • Coffee Bar

    Our coffee bar is all about making people feel welcome at Deep Water by putting a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in their hands.  We serve local Just Us! and Java Blend coffee and teas.  Always fresh, always free.  Coffee bar volunteers are responsible for setting up the coffee bar, serving guests as they come in and cleaning up after the gathering.  No special skills are required and all training is provided.

  • Communion Setup

    We take participate in the Eucharist or the Lord's Supper, because it's really at the core of what it means to follow Jesus.  Those on the communion team are responsible for preparing the communion elements and making sure all the equipment is kept clean.  No special skills are required and all set up procedures are taught.

  • Film Crew

    As Deep Water grows, we're doing more and more with video, which is all produced in house.  Our Film Crew is responsible for the entire video process from setting up lights and microphones to recording, to directing, to editing.  No special skills are neccesary to be part of this team (some part can be taught on the job) but some past experience in film would be helpful.

  • Media Team

    The Media Team is responsible the overall feel of the gathering each week.  From everything we see on the screens to lighting and pre- and post-gathering music, the Media Team is responsible for a wide range of tasks.  No special skills are neccesary, all training is provided.

  • North Street Facilities Team

    Part of owning a building is making sure it is taken care of and maintained properly.  The North Street Facilities Team is responsible for everything from weekly cleaning to lawn care to maintence issues.  No special skills are required, but if you're handy with tools you'll definitely be extra useful.

  • Park Lane Set-up Team

    The Set-up Team ensures that everything required to support our Park Lane worship gathering and Upstream is in place.  Bringing out and assembling the audio equipment, band instruments, etc. beginning at 8:00am on Sunday’s and putting it all back after the gathering.  No experience required other than a desire to serve.  We have a systematic approach and other friendly people to partner with who will show you how it’s done.

  • Prayer Team

    Every week during communion and our second worship set, we give people the chance to have someone pray for them if they wish.  Those people on the prayer team are responsible for providing a safe place where people can ask for prayer and be prayed for.  If you have been attending Deep Water for a while and really dig praying for people, this team is for you.

  • Puddles

    Puddles is our nursery for ages 0-3.  Those in Puddles are responsible for checking kids in and out of Puddles, maintaining a clean, safe play area for the kids and occasionally cuddling with babies.  You don't need any special skills to volunteer in Puddles, but you do need to have been a regular attender at Deep Water for at least six months, provide a clear criminal record check, and go through an application and interview process.

  • Tellers

    Tellers are responsible for counting the weekly tithe and offering that is put into the offering box. Tellers work in teams of two to make sure the count is accurate. No special skills are required, just simple math. Please note, in order to be on the Teller Team you must be a member of Deep Water.

  • Upstream

    Upstream is our kids' program from age 3 through grade six. Volunteers do anything from handling sign-in and -out, to leading a small group, to running media or sound.  You don't need any special skills to volunteer in Upstream, but you do need to have been a regular attender at Deep Water for at least six months, provide a clear criminal record check, and go through an application and interview process.

  • Welcome Team

    Our welcome team is responsible for making sure that every person who walks through the doors of a worship gathering feels... well, welcome.  When you're new and unsure about where to go or what to do, it's the welcome team that make sure you feel comfortable and have no moments of uncertainty.  There are no special skills required to be part of the welcome team - just the ability to be warm and friendly.

  • Worship Team

    From singing, to playing an instrument, to mixing sound, the worship team is responsible for leading us in worship to God.  Different skill sets and skill levels are required for different roles, but we love to chat with everyone who's interested and help them find a place to be involved with the worship team.

    If you're interested in getting involved, you can email Geoff our worship director.