• What to Expect

1. Show up.

When you get here there will be some folks from our Hospitality Team who will welcome you and help you find anything you need, like washrooms, kids’ programs, accessibility, or our main meeting space.

2. Grab a coffee. 

You will smell coffee brewing. It’s quality, delicious, and free. We also have other beverages available, and our baristas will be happy to serve you. Feel free to take your drink with you as you head into our main meeting space and grab a seat.

3. Enjoy! 

The next 60-ish min will include some music by a rocking band, prayer and an engaging and practical message about Jesus. You can participate in whatever way you’re comfortable; jump right in or just sit back and take it in. People hang around afterward, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know some people and make plans for after the gathering!