Why we exist:

Deep Water's mission is to help people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Everything that we do is to help us accomplish that mission.

What we believe:

:: We believe that God is Holy (Good, Perfect, and True).
:: We believe that Jesus is God.
:: We believe that people were created to have a relationship with God.
:: We believe that people do things which go against God’s holiness (sin).
:: We believe that sin breaks our relationship with God.
:: We believe that Jesus died in our place so that our sins can be forgiven and then rose from the dead proving his power over sin and death.
:: We believe that because of this we can have a new life and the relationship with God that we were created for.
:: We believe that if you accept this as true, then the appropriate response is to admit your sin to God, accept His forgiveness, and become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.
:: We believe following Jesus includes getting to know Him, becoming like Him, developing meaningful relationships with other followers, serving in the mission to share His story with others, and showing His love in tangible ways to the world around us.
:: For a detailed theological statement, please click here.

Who comes:

Anybody and everybody! Deep Water is people who are rich, people who are poor; people with careers and kids and mortgages and people who are still in school or living with their parents; hardcore sports people and artsy creative types; people who look like they just stepped out of a Sears catalogue and people with all sorts of tattoos and piercings; people who have been followers of Jesus their whole lives, and people who are just starting to check Him out.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you can feel comfortable at Deep Water.